Duct Cleaning Windsor

You may be wondering if it’s worth getting your air ducts cleaned. Though some companies may over-aggressively promote air duct cleaning, it can be beneficial to remove contaminants from your ducts and vents, especially if there is mold or a significant amount of dust and debris.

Have you noticed your HVAC system isn’t providing you with the temperatures you want? Do you feel like the air isn’t as easy to breathe or as fresh as you would like? We can perform an air quality test and offer air duct cleaning if needed. By working with Sonoma County’s trusted HVAC partner, you can trust that Henry Mechanical in Windsor will always work in your best interest to ensure safe, efficient heating and cooling in your home.

Clearing the Air

Our HVAC experts will clear out the dust, dirt, allergens, pollen, and other hazards that build up in your ducts. Because we want you to see just how effective cleaning can be, we’ll provide you with a video so you can see before and after images of your ducts. You’ll be amazed at the difference! We also perform before and after air quality tests so you can see just how much easier you’ll be breathing. This is especially critical those in your home who are elderly, asthmatic, or have any other lung conditions or sensitivity to allergens.

It’s also important to remember that an HVAC system that isn’t performing at its peak efficiency can generate higher monthly energy bills. Eventually, excess debris in the ducts can lead to breakdowns or even failure of your system. We can ensure that your ductwork is working properly, maximizing the lifespan of your system, and costing you as little in monthly energy bills as possible.

Unbeatable Team of Experts

Our technicians have extensive knowledge of HVAC systems and ducts, ensuring that your living space is as safe and clean as possible. While we are looking at your system, we can also make sure that your ducting is properly sealed and does not have any turns or obstructions that inhibit airflow.

The majority of our business comes from referrals which is exactly how we want it! We work hard to exceed your expectations in both customer service and quality of service. Call Henry Mechanical at 707-585-1787 or contact us online to consult with one of our expert staff members about heater duct cleaning today!