Heat Pumps Santa Rosa

Heat Pumps Santa RosaHenry Mechanical provides high quality installation, maintenance, diagnostic services, and repair for heat pumps in Santa Rosa. We also provide a full range of HVAC services ranging from solar panel installation to filter replacement.

Why choose heat pump installation for your new construction or HVAC upgrade? Heat pumps provide both heating and cooling through a single system (usually a paired indoor and outdoor unit). Heat pumps are best used in temperate climates such as Santa Rosa, as they provide heat not through generation but by removing heat from outside air in a sort of reverse air conditioning process. This cannot be done in temperatures under 35 degrees. A backup unit does generate heat when the temperature is too low, but this consumes enough energy that it is impractical to use heat pumps for heating in cooler climates. Contact us today to see if a heat pump is the best choice for you.

Another excellent option for upgrading residential or commercial heating and cooling systems is a zoned system. Cooling an entire home or facility to a single temperature may be difficult and impractical. South and east facing rooms, or those with a greater number of windows, may require more cooling per square inch than those that receive less sunlight. Conversely, other spaces may require more heating. Certain rooms in the home, such as craft rooms and guest bedrooms, may be used only a few times a month. Why pay as much to climate control them as the kitchen or family room? Zoned heating and cooling systems save money while keeping your home more comfortable throughout. The same applies for commercial facilities – you may want to keep areas that customers enter, or where physical labor is performed, cooler than your offices. Zoned climate control is ideal for offices, stores, and other light commercial locations.

For a quote on heat pump installation, zoned climate control, or any of our other services, give Henry Mechanical a call today. Our work is excellent and our prices are highly competitive. We look forward to working with you.

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