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After more than 20 years of service, even the most dependable HVAC system may perform with decreasing efficiency. If your home’s heating and cooling system require an upgrade, you might want to consider a heat pump. At Henry Mechanical in Windsor, we have installed and serviced heat pumps for Sonoma County residents since 1992.

Despite their name, heat pumps do a lot more than heating. They also provide air conditioning and humidity control. During the winter, a heat pump works by moving heat from the cool outdoors into your home. Then, in summer, it transfers heat from your house to the warm outdoors. Heat pumps move heat rather than generate it, so they can heat and cool for significantly less than furnaces and air conditioners.

Other Benefits to Heat Pumps

Heat pump systems can be an efficient alternative because they provide heating and cooling at approximately one-quarter of the energy cost of standard HVAC systems. Heat pumps are most popular where winters are mild and summers are hot, as in Sonoma County. There are three types of heat pump installation:

  • Air-source heat pump—The most common heat pump option, this is a good choice for those who currently have ductwork in place. An air-source heat pump utilizes an indoor air handler unit and also an outdoor heat pumping unit. They are great for reducing your home’s heating costs compared to similar gas or electric heating units. 
  • Ductless mini-split heat pump—These are set up similar to a regular air source heat pump with an outside compressor unit and inside air handler that helps maintain your home’s temp. They offer ductless heating and cooling with the installation of air handler units in multiple zones throughout your home.
  • Geothermal Heat Pumps Cost—Also known as a ground and water source heat pump, geothermal heat pumps are best suited for bigger homes. It the most expensive option because it requires excavation to set coils in the ground that can be used to transfer heating and cooling to your home.

A heat pump will save you money, especially on future energy bills. Since heat pumps don’t use electricity to create heat, they operate at much higher energy efficiency.  Each heat pump type saves you money at different rates, ranging from between 20% to 80% savings on your energy bill.

We can help you determine if your residence is a good candidate for a heat pump. Our second-generation owner, Joe Henry, remains committed to personalized, reliable, affordable HVAC sales and service. We are proud that referrals make up the majority of our business. Contact Henry Mechanical online or call us at 707-585-1787 to set up an appointment with one of our expert staff members to see if a heat pump is the right choice for you!

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