Heat Pumps Windsor

Heat-Pumps-WindsorIf you are looking to install or service heat pumps in the Windsor area, make Henry Mechanical your first call. With dozens of highly qualified technicians and over twenty years of experience in the HVAC field, we provide the best service at highly competitive prices. We are experienced in repair, retrofits, and new construction, and serve both residential and light commercial customers.

A heat pump can be an excellent choice for both new construction and existing HVAC system overhauls and replacements. Heat pumps will provide both cooling and heating for your Windsor area home or business. Heat pumps work by collecting heat from indoor air in the summer and moving it outside, and collecting heat from outdoor air in the winter and moving it inside. Heat pumps function best in temperate climates where winter temperatures generally stay above freezing, such as the Windsor area. When the outside temperature dips below 35 degrees, a supplementary heating unit is activated. This consumes more energy than standard operation, but will seldom be needed in the proper climate. As the heat pump “collects” existing heat rather than generating it, the heating cycle is extremely efficient.

Heat pump installation starts with properly sizing your system. Several factors must be considered, including the structure’s size, intended use, its siting (i.e. orientation, number of trees, shade from adjacent buildings, etc.). Once we have determined what sort of system you need, we select a quality Lennox product of the correct size. Lennox is our preferred vendor due to their high efficiency and quiet operation. Their quality product and our meticulous installation are provided at a highly competitive price due to our years of experience.

If you have an older system, or one that was not properly sized, you may benefit from significant operating cost savings by contacting Henry Mechanical for a new heat pump installation. Heat pump manufacturers are continuously developing more efficient units, and an upgrade may pay for itself in much less time than you think. Call us to discuss your current system’s efficiency today.

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