Heating and Air Services Santa Rosa

Heating and Air Services Santa RosaHenry Mechanical is pleased to provide high quality, cost competitive heating and air services in Santa Rosa.  We have over twenty years of experience in the HVAC field and perform services ranging from general maintenance to design and installation of complete HVAC systems for large residential developments.

Whether your home or commercial property’s climate control system was installed by Henry Mechanical or is original to a property built fifty years ago, we can provide maintenance and repair services.  If the required repairs are extensive, we are also happy to provide a quote for replacement.  With continual improvements in the efficiency of HVAC units, new components may pay for themselves in only a few years.

While heating and air services and maintenance in a lovely climate like Santa Rosa may not seem as important as in areas subject to more extreme temperatures, such as Las Vegas or Boston, a few days without heating or air conditioning can still be unpleasant.

Inevitably, an air conditioning unit seems to always fail during the worst heat wave of the year.  Your unit is subject to its greatest operating stresses during these times, and it’s not unusual for failures to occur in old or sporadically maintained units.  We have over twenty skilled technicians, allowing us to get an AC repair team to your location as soon as possible.

When heating fails, our heater repair technicians will provide fast, high quality, and reasonably priced service.  We have been working in the Santa Rosa area for over twenty years, and have become experienced in dealing with a wide range of residential and light commercial heating systems.  Our years of experience and large inventory of replacement parts make us your reliable choice when dealing with any HVAC emergency.

If you are looking to upgrade your air conditioning and heating systems, Henry Mechanical would be happy to provide a quote for a new, highly efficient system.  These systems provide both heating and cooling at a reasonable operating price, and with the bulkiest equipment located outside the building.

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