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Heating and Air Services WindsorIf you are in need of heating and air services in Windsor for your home or light commercial property, make Henry Mechanical your first call.  We have over twenty years of experience in AC repair and heater repair.


When you need AC repair, it always seems to be right in the middle of a heat wave, and the heater always seems to go out on the coldest night of the year.  A sweltering or freezing home owner doesn’t wanthttps://www.henrymechanical.com/ac-service-santa-rosa to spend hours, or even days, comparing providers while being uncomfortable.  Rest assured that our team of highly experienced repair technicians will provide fast, reliable service at a competitive price.  Henry Mechanical has been in the heating and air services field in the Windsor area for over twenty years. Our repair teams have seen it all, and we carry a wide variety of replacement parts to service almost any problem.

While we are proud to offer fast and reliable repair services, we would prefer not to meet new clients under those conditions. To reduce costly and inconvenient repairs, consider a preventative maintenance schedule as an option.  Regular maintenance reduces the incidence of repairs by preventing problems and fixing minor problems before they become major ones.  It also saves home and business owners money in other ways.  Maintenance lengthens the operating life of equipment, and is often required for your equipment to qualify for warranty protection.  Well-maintained equipment also operates at peak design efficiency, providing the same heating and cooling while consuming less energy.

At Henry Mechanical, our preventative maintenance clients receive priority service when problems do arise.  We will strive to get a crew out to you the same day whenever possible.  We also maintain a copy of all service records for help with repair diagnosis and warranty coverage.  If you are interested in becoming one of our highly valued preventative maintenance clients, give us a call today.

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