HVAC Healdsburg

HVAC HealdsburgHenry Mechanical is a leading provider of installation, repair, and maintenance for HVAC in Healdsburg and throughout the Sonoma County area. We have been in business for over twenty years and built relationships with innovative and reliable suppliers of heating and air conditioning equipment. From the smallest repair job to the installation of climate control systems for entire subdivisions, we aim to provide the best quality and reliability at a highly attractive price point.

Our heating and air conditioning services include one-time and periodic maintenance, repair service, evaluation, design, and installation for residential and light use commercial properties. We specialize in retrofits and upgrades for existing construction. With constant innovations and efficiency improvement in HVAC equipment, a retrofit may significantly increase your property value as well as lowering operating costs. Whatever your HVAC needs in Healdsburg and the surrounding areas, Henry Mechanical will help get you up and running at a highly competitive cost.

Based on the high demand from our clients, we have begun offering the installation of solar panels for residential buildings. Soaring electrical generation and distribution charges have paired with environmental consciousness to make solar power an increasingly attractive option. A variety of alternatives exist to bring solar power to your property. Providers that install equipment on your property and charge a monthly fee have been advertising heavily. While this option is attractive in that it brings green energy to you with no upfront cost, there are drawbacks. You still have a large monthly bill, and have a third party essentially leasing part of your property, which may provide legal complications when it comes time to sell. With our available short-term financing and tax incentives and credits, installing your own solar system may be less expensive than you think. Call us today for your property evaluation and price quote on new solar panels to own.

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