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When you’re looking up “HVAC repair near me”, skip the long search and contact the experts. Henry Mechanical has over twenty years of experience and expertise that home and business owners can trust. Whether you’re looking to have your air conditioner replaced, a new heat pump installed, or have the system serviced, our qualified HVAC professionals can get the job done for you. We even offer service and installation of ductless mini split heat pumps!

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The HVAC service you’re looking for can come in a variety of forms. Do you need to have the air quality of your home tested to see if changes need to be made? Are you having troubles because it’s extremely hot or cold outside and your HVAC system doesn’t seem to be able to maintain a comfortable temperature in your home? Are you looking for zone controls to be set up in your home or business and need an expert to handle the job? The experts at Henry Mechanical can handle all of these issues and more to make sure you’re comfortable at home. We can discuss repairs to your current system, or installing a new ductless mini split system. More and more people are turning to ductless mini split heat pumps to control zones of their house. Henry Mechanical has stayed on the cutting edge of HVAC options, to offer our customers the best solutions. If you’re interested in split systems or need service on your split system, call us!

As the heating and air conditioning professionals in the area, you’ll be glad you called Henry Mechanical. Whether your heat pump, air conditioner, or furnace has failed or you’re simply ready to have your scheduled duct cleaning completed, Henry Mechanical can provide you with the service you need. Wondering to yourself, “where is there dependable HVAC repair near me?” Not only do we offer installation and repairs, our qualified team will continue to help you with the tips and services you need long after the initial service on your HVAC unit has been completed. When you call Henry Mechanical, you’re starting a relationship that can last many years.

Still Googling “HVAC repair near me?” Stop searching and call Henry Mechanical! For twenty years we’ve offered quality HVAC service for the community. We are a recognized dealer for the best air conditioning systems on the market: Mitsubishi, Lennox, and Daikin. Many of your neighbors in the Windsor area are regular customers of Henry and love the service and professionalism this team provides. Let Henry show you how your system can operate more efficiently, give you the services you need to repair or replace your system, or provide you with the regular maintenance that will allow your system to continue to work well for many years. Give Henry Mechanical a call today and let them get to work to ensure you’re living in comfort.