Mini Split Installation Near Me

You’re ready to install a new system, so you head online to find “mini split installation near me”. Mini-splits allow homeowners to control temperatures in individual rooms of their house without installing central air. Meet the needs of your family and guests with a sleek new system that allows you to efficiently heat and cool your home without the bulky ductwork.

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Why do people choose a ductless heat pump over a traditional furnace? Mini-split heat pumps allow you to control a specific area. If you have a large house but only use a few key rooms, this type of system can help you save energy and power costs by only keeping these areas a comfortable temperature. They also are a great retrofit to older homes without central air. If your home has a non-ducted heating system such as space heaters or radiant panels, a ductless heat pump is a simple installation that will easily fit into your existing system and allow you to keep certain areas a comfortable temperature.

Are you adding onto your home? If you have a renovation that has added a game room, extra bedroom, or other room to your home, you’ll be wondering how to heat and cool the space. It might not be possible or feasible to extend your central ductwork. New energy efficient additions require only a small system to keep the area the perfect temperature.

Looking for “mini split installation near me” online? Whether you are upgrading your home with a system that will allow you to control specific areas, or adding HVAC to an addition, the professionals at Henry Mechanical can help. We have 20 thoroughly trained field installers on staff who are ready to help with your mini split installation! From installation to repairs, we offer the best quality heating and air conditioning service in the North Bay. Call us today or email [email protected] to schedule an appointment