Solar Installation Windsor

Solar Installation WindsorHenry Mechanical would love to speak with you about the advantages of solar installation in the Windsor area for your home. The climate of this area is ideally suited for the use of dedicated solar power systems to light, heat, and cool your house.

Unlike other residential solar installation providers, we do not install a system that you lease from a third party. While leasing may have lower upfront costs, it does not eliminate your monthly power bill. It also creates a third party in any real estate transaction, which can be complicated. We will help you decide if a home solar power system is cost effective for you by identifying tax credits and other incentives for which you may qualify. We also provide short-term financing for clients who do not have cash on hand to cover the initial costs. A permanent solar system that you own will lower your monthly costs and enhance your property value while providing a reliable, sustainable power source for your home.

Solar installation at Windsor residences offers a host of benefits. Not only will you see improvements over time on your bills, you’ll also be adding to a greener, more eco-friendly Sonoma County environment.

To determine whether solar installation is the right choice for your home in the Windsor area, give us a call today. We will consider a number of factors, including the building’s roof orientation, roof size, roof pitch, and shade from adjacent buildings and trees, to develop your solar quote. Say goodbye to that sky-high monthly electric bill with sustainable solar power.

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