Solar Installation Windsor

Solar Installation Windsor

Sixty thousand acres of grapes can’t be wrong! With an average of over 260 days of sunshine each year, solar installation might be the perfect choice for your home in Sonoma County. At Henry Mechanical in Windsor, we can keep your energy bill low, your house comfortable, and the power on by installing efficient solar panels.

Solar-powered electricity is no longer an elite technology used by a select few. It is now a proven technology. In fact, every day that you don’t have solar panels collecting energy from the sun is a day you’re paying too much for energy!

Other Incentives For Solar

Aside from taking advantage of free solar energy being absorbed by your roof most days of the year, there are other incentives for going solar now. This includes a 26% dollar-for-dollar Federal Tax Credit, and the Sonoma County Energy Independence Program, which allows you to pay for your system through your property taxes. We can help you navigate these different incentives and tax advantages to ensure you get the most benefits possible.

Going solar is also an investment. It allows you to avoid the steady electric rate increases that increase your utility bill by nearly 4% each year. Additionally, since many installs are cash-positive the first year, you can take that saved money and invest in projects and accounts that earn you even more money—a win-win for you and the planet!

When you choose Henry Mechanical to be your residential solar installers, you are choosing a locally-owned, second-generation company that values integrity and respect. You can trust us to give you an honest evaluation of how well solar can work on your home, based on a number of factors, including the building’s roof orientation, roof size, roof pitch, and shade from adjacent buildings and trees. Contact us online or call us at 707-585-1787 when you are ready to say goodbye to sky-high energy bills and say hello to free energy from the sky-high sun!

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