Solar Installs

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Are your considering installing solar at your home, business or jobsite?  The same company that you have trusted for almost 20 years to service and install your heating and air conditioning equipment is now installing photovoltaic (PV) solar!

When Henry Mechanical decided to offer photovoltaic (PV) Solar as one of their services, we did this to allow our customers the opportunity to work with a company they know and trust. We are not one of the companies that offer leasing programs, this just creates another bill for you instead of having an electricity bill you now have a solar leasing bill. We do offer short term financing to help with the initial install cost; we believe the customer will have the most financial benefit from owning their own PV solar system and utilizing the Federal Tax credits.
We are happy to look at your existing utility bills at your home and give you a no pressure cost quote to install PV solar on your home.
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