Thermostat Replacement Windsor

Thermostat Replacement WindsorTo reduce heating and cooling costs while making your home more comfortable, consider Henry Mechanical for thermostat replacement in Windsor. Many energy saving measures require inconvenient and time consuming installation and considerable upfront costs. Replacing your thermostat with a more sophisticated model can significantly reduce the operating costs of your HVAC system at a fraction of the cost of other upgrades.

If your existing thermostat is no longer working, we can provide thermostat repair. However, it may be less expensive to upgrade your older thermostat to a technologically advanced model that will save you a significant amount of money in heating and cooling costs. Lennox, our preferred provider of HVAC components, is constantly bringing new innovative thermostats to the market. The most basic upgrade is to a digital thermostat. These are programmed to reduce heating and cooling at the times a space is not occupied, and return the space to a comfortable level in time for your return home. Some digital thermostats allow for extremely precise programming, storing different settings for each day of the week and providing multiple vacation modes.

However, none of this helps if you unexpectedly leave work four hours early, or forget to switch to vacation mode when you leave home for three weeks. Lennox has developed a wifi-enabled thermostat that allows you to manage the climate control of your home from anywhere on the planet by using your smartphone or other internet enabled device. In our busy, connected, ever-changing world, why leave your home behind? Contact us today to discuss installing this exciting new technology in your home.

Whatever device you choose, Henry Mechanical wants to be your service provider for thermostat replacement in the Windsor area. Give us a call today to see how you can make your living space more comfortable and save money with minimal upfront costs.

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