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Did you know that we offer thermostat replacement in Windsor? At Henry Mechanical, our skilled, friendly, and professional team wants to help make your home as comfortable as possible. Additionally, it is our goal to reduce your heating and cooling costs. 

One way to accomplish this goal is with thermostat repair or replacement. In fact, replacing your thermostat with a more sophisticated model can significantly reduce the operating costs of your HVAC system. 

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Convenient and Affordable Thermostat Repair

Is your thermostat currently working? If not, you have a couple of choices. At Henry Mechanical, we have decades of experience—no job is too big or too small for us. We’d be more than happy to provide thermostat repair. However, it may be better to think about a replacement instead of a repair. 

Specifically, thermostat replacement in the Windsor area may be less expensive in the long run and even actually save you a significant amount of money in heating and cooling costs. One option, in particular, is a digital thermostat that will allow you to reduce heating and cooling at the times a space is not occupied and return the area to a comfortable level before your return home.  


Further, we are proud to service myriad areas other than Windsor, including the following cities: 
– Santa Rosa
– Healdsburg
– Sebastopol

So, if you are in or near one of the locations listed above, we want to hear from you! Our team will treat you like family, offering reliable service and guarantee your complete satisfaction. 

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Whether you’re interested in thermostat replacement in Windsor or thermostat repair, we want you to contact Henry Mechanical! To schedule an appointment with a member of our team, simply call (707) 838-3311. We look forward to hearing from you. Remember, you can always count on us!